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Comprehensive Towing Service

When you think of having your vehicle towed, most people think of long wait times and high rates that can actually be higher than what was quoted upon reaching the destination. At Towing Service Chula Vista, we won't leave you out to hang. We can provide you with immediate service at an affordable flat-rate.

Broken Down, Damaged, and Junk Vehicles

Like most towing companies, we can tow your broken down, damaged, or even junk vehicle to another location. Whether you're taking it to the shop to get it repaired, to the junk yard to get rid of it, or just back to your own home to have a friend look at it or handle the repairs yourself, we're up to the job. When your vehicle is in no condition to be moved by driving it, that's where we come in. We'll get your vehicle moved in no time.

Working Vehicles

Yes, you read that heading correctly. We can transport your properly functioning vehicles for you. Maybe you're moving and need another body to transport your automobile. Perhaps you're going to a car or motorcycle show and don't want to put unnecessary miles on your vehicle. Whatever your reasoning, we can move your vehicle.

Short-Distance Moving

You may only need some help getting your vehicle just a few miles out, such as to a auto repair shop or back to your place. It doesn't matter to us if you just want us to move your automobile a couple of blocks down the road, we're here to help you out