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When you think of having your vehicle towed, most people think of long wait times and high rates that can actually be higher than what was quoted upon reaching the destination. At Towing Service Chula Vista, we won't leave you out to hang. We can provide you with immediate service at an affordable flat-rate.

Prompt and Reliable

We know what it's like to be left out in the cold (or the heat depending on the season and the weather situation at the time). Whether you're standing along the side of the road because your automobile has broken down or you're setting up a time for a planned move of your vehicle to a new location, we won't leave you sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Your time is valuable to us, so we'll arrive when we're expected for scheduled towing assistance. When you have an emergency situation, we won't leave you stranded because we'll come right out to help you get your vehicle transported to whatever location you desire.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to real estate, location is thought the be an important determining factor in the sale price and potential interest in the property. However, we're not dealing in real estate here – we just want to help you move your automobile. Thus, location isn't really a factor for us. We can tow your vehicle around the corner, just down the road, across town, or even further if you'd like. Short-distance, long-distance, and everywhere in between -- that's where we can tow your automobile for you. From where you are to wherever you'd like to go.

Needing this type of service

When their automobile breaks down and they are stranded out and about. While we can certainly tow your vehicle when it has broken down, we don't limit our services to that one type of scenario. Yes, we can tow your vehicle to any service station that you wish or even to the junk yard if you aren't going to get it repaired. We can even tow your vehicle back to your place if you're going to work on it there. But we can also tow perfectly functioning vehicles that you can't drive at the time or do not wish to put the mileage or wear and tear on. If you're moving and need to get your automobile to your new location, we can do that. If you have a classic car that you want to get to a show but don't want to put any additional wear and tear on it, we can handle that job, too. We can move any type of vehicle that you may have, from cars and trucks to motorcycles.

Accurate Quotes

We know that there are times when you have to plan for an unexpected expense such as a tow, and when you call you want to know exactly what it will cost to move your vehicle. That's why we believing in giving you the actual cost right then and there when you call. There won't be any surprises or changes to your quote when we move your vehicle to where you request when you call. Our flat rates set us apart while while we stay affordable to help out your wallet. Even if there's an unexpected detour or delay while we're en route to the destination, this won't affect the price that you have to pay for our assistance.